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Semester in Guayaquil
The Semester in Guayaquil program offers a combination of academic study, unique volunteer opportunities and travel. Located in the heart of Guayaquil, the Casa Grande Campus is vibrant with student life, a welcoming atmosphere and a rich culture of ‘learning by doing’. Students will participate in various activities unique to the university, such as Puerto Naranja and Casos; pedagogical games designed to encourage problem-solving skills and quick thinking, often dealing with real-life situations. The University is home to a range of academic disciplines including Political Science, Education, International Business, Human Resources, Marketing, Design and Communications.

Casa Grande maintains a strong commitment to its Guayaquileño community and is a leader when it comes to social outreach. Through the university’s formal and informal ties to numerous organizations students are able to pursue volunteer opportunities and participate in various social projects. Working areas include small-business training, art therapy, special needs education, health & nutrition, food sovereignty, etc.


In addition to a fruitful academic and social experience at Casa Grande students will also have the opportunity to travel, including visits to coastal communities, national parks, pre-Incan ruins, mountain cities, indigenous markets, and more. Last but not least, an integral part of the program is the homestay, where students live individually with local families. This allows them to get to know the Ecuadorian culture as no one could ever explain it.
Social Projects & Volunteering
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