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Semester in Cuenca

When one considers the vastness that is South America, two places often stand apart from the rest: the Amazon Jungle and the "Lost City of the Incas" or Machu Picchu. The Semester in the Andes program is unique in that it visits both of these South American jewels, not to mention indigenous villages, sandy beaches and snow-capped mountain ranges. These trips are designed to augment classroom study where students have the opportunity to explore a range of topics in Latin America. The semester is divided into two academic terms, allowing students to tailor the semester to their needs, giving them the option to begin with intensive Spanish courses when needed or pursue a service-learning project later on. Classes are taught in either English or Spanish by an international faculty and various disciplines are available including: Environmental Education, Business & Marketing, English, Literature, Quechua (an indigenous Andean language), History, Journalism, and, of course, Spanish.

The academic experience is coupled with and enhanced by the unrivaled opportunity to travel and the various cultural activities organized. Students will not only travel outside of Cuenca, but will also take part in dance & art classes, sometimes maybe even learning how to cook a traditional Ecuadorian meal!
Perhaps the most important part of the program is the homestay, where students live individually with local families. This allows them to get to know the Ecuadorian culture as no one could ever explain it.
Cultural Visits & Activities
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